Meet The Team: Jimmy McKeown

This month, the SRF Direct team wanted to take a moment to celebrate one of our valued teammates. Jimmy McKeown has been an account manager on the team since July of 2018. In this one on one interview, McKeown shares with us his past, present, and future.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, McKeown remembers his childhood with warmth. “The life lessons that my grandfather taught me as a child have been very vital in shaping who I am today,” says McKeown, “as a kid, I was shy and awkward, but had a sense of humor. I was involved in baseball, basketball, and football- though I was probably best at baseball. That competitive environment always pushed me to the best out there, and that habit still sticks with me today.”

As a child, McKeown’s dream job was a far cry from account management. “I never thought I would get into the marketing field,” says McKeown, “as a kid, I always wanted to be a professional athlete, specifically a baseball player because that’s the sport my grandfather taught me to be great in.” Here at SRF Direct, we see the connection between these two goals, and the quality that Jimmy possesses each day- grit.

When McKeown walked in the SRF Direct doors, he knew he was home. “The work environment brought me into this company,” says McKeown, “I saw an opportunity to grow and have a chance at financial freedom. The culture is really fun and competitive, we all challenge each other to be the best.”

As we approach his one year anniversary on the team, it is inspiring to reflect on the growth the account manager has seen throughout the last twelve months. “Through this career, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how much experience you have,”’ says McKeown, “if you put the work in, you will be successful. My best memory with this company was having the opportunity to go to the National Conference in 2018 and have the chance to learn from the most successful people in the business.”

As for his future, McKeown has a plan. “Within five years, I see myself running my own company,” says the account manager, “I would love to move around; there is so much out there besides Philadelphia.”

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